2014 Lexus IS F/IS 350C Owners Manual Pdf

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2014 Lexus IS F/IS 350C Owners Manual Pdf

2014 Lexus IS F

2014 Lexus IS F/IS 350C Service Guide Pdf

2014 Lexus IS F/IS 350C Owners Manual Pdf

2014 Lexus IS F/IS 350C Navigation Manual PDF

These are exciting times for the IS lineup, which is in its third generation, while the IS F is based on the second generation model. It has been subject to the same basic skin refreshed since three years ago, and the overall shape dates back to 2008.

Neat rows, however, has withstood the test of time; Fortunately, the IS F exterior is more restrained than the models’ which followed. A carbon fiber rear spoiler and lower front clip is a key differentiating factor

Suggestions sporty staring you in the face soon after settling into the driver’s seat. A tachometer dominate the center gauges, and integrates a digital speedometer and data peripheral car.

Carbon fiber trim dresses up the leather-lined interior, which features contrast color stitching throughout. A high level of overall quality materials and fit and finish them, which is an important factor of the value added. IS F is a strict four-seater, however, with the center console takes up the middle of the rear seat.

Sheet metal IS F hide powertrain capable of pushing to 60 mph as fast as German or American competitors. A V-8 engine sits on top of the hierarchy of the IS family, and this one generates 416 horsepower with reckless abandon. The exhaust note is tuned to produce a sound that is more at home on the racetrack from the parking lot. Even snarls at idle!

The combined effect is a hoot. This is a true rocket on the road, with enough torque to create a slide in between the cab, or blasting onto the highway, as easy as possible.

8-speed automatic transmission, equipped with steering-wheel mounted paddles, is responsible for routing all of this thrust to the rear wheels, and it does so with ease and with minimal drama. (All-wheel drive is not an option on the IS F.) Those so inclined can use the power of big smoky burnouts, but you can easily push the IS F with calm, without diving head-first into the full performance potential of this car.

Suspension IS F is firm, and not quite as stiff as some rivals. Brakes strong, and very easy to modulate their pressure – unlike in some jumpier operation, European sports sedans. You will love the steering wheel to the weight, particularly because it does not need to be adjusted to give a sporty mode your request in the 400 + hp sedan.

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