2016 Ford Focus Owners Manual Download

2016 Ford Focus Owners Manual Download

2016 Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus reviews – It is a month since the Ford Focus RS 2016 debuted in Koeln, Germany, marketing department convincing FoMoCo Ken Block to embed feature drift mode. The goal for seeing the public widely when the car giant whole wheel (AWD) and Ford Mustang EcoBoost engines which have a 2015 4-cylinder 2.3 Liter capacity, capable of biting into a great team.

It goes without power from about tracing the machine 2.3-Liter turbo four-banger, who at least was able to produce 315.6 dk and torsinya of 446 Nm, because that should be considered is the ability when stuck in the ground. The culprit is Ford’s All-Wheel Drive with Dynamic Torque Vectoring system, which is able to promise a lot of things.

When spurred on in the path of the drift, the acceleration of 1 g gravity pressure exceeds melebarnya. Not only that, because the system has the ability to control oversteer drift while in the path. And at the Geneva Motor Show 2015, Director for Ford’s Performance, Dave Pericak, confirm if the latest Ford Focus RS is indeed dedicated to drift mode.

There are four modes of ride offered to Ford Focus RS this latest edition, IE Normal, Sport, Track, and most importantly is the Drift Mode. The driver can select ride mode through button located in the sticks moving teeth, with settings specifically for the AWD system, damper control, EBS, steering, engine response, and the sound of the exhaust.

The first drift mode for the industry, basically calibrate performance oriented AWD system to obtain the distribution of torque. Unlike the Haldex AWD system memorable Bimbo, GKN has developed an AWD on Focus RS this latest edition with dual clutch control package on each side of the rear wheel controller.

Through intermediaries, the electronic brain of the torque driving Focus RS capable of delivering oversteer by way of lay it with ESC systems. Drift mode allows the driver to pursue his passion, but also able to rescue the driver of a possible conflict or collision, and also improve the lack of talent in doing drifting.

In addition, if you want to use manual mode, the driver can turn off the ESC system when feeling when drifting his ability better than calculations made by the computer. It is this ability that belongs to the Focus RS latest not owned its competitors, thereby making the enthusiast of drifting started has to be able to have it.

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2016 Ford Focus Owners Manual Pdf Download
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2016 Ford Focus RS Owners Manual Download