Acer Liquid Z520 User Manual Pdf

Acer Liquid Z520 User Manual Pdf

Acer Liquid Z520

Acer Liquid Z520 Instruction  User Manual Pdf (English) Download
Acer Liquid Z520 Instruction & User Manual Pdf (Ducth) Download

Acer Liquid Z520 User Manual Pdf – Android phones have a lot of supply in the market. Price varies, ranging from the beginner class, middle class, and upper class. When buying an Android phone with a specific price, it’s only natural when the buyers expect features and performance in accordance with its price, even when you allow can be more than expected. Unfortunately, not all mobile phones in accordance with price.

Acer Liquid Z520 is one of them. After a few times of testing, a mobile phone vendor hosts a very known with his notebook and PC must be willing to bow before its competitors that offer great performance at the same price range.

By design, the Acer Liquid Z520 does have a very graceful body. In addition to the sturdy, Acer Liquid comes with the Z520 form fitting body and very convenient when gripped. It also comes with an extra layer of gray line at the side of the bodinya that add a nice impression.

Acer Liquid Z520 also has the placement of the buttons and ports are simply ideal. Both the volume and power buttons are located on the side of the right side of the phone, making it easy to reach. While the USB port and 3.5 mm audio port located on the top side.

Unfortunately, Acer seems to be a bit mistaken when choosing materials for bodinya, especially the part behind it. Acer Liquid Z520 unit we received has a white body, and the color is very easy to look dirty.

The problem is, Acer gives the casing cover with the materials that have the texture of fabric. These same ingredients that make dirt easily stick and cleaned from hard bodinya, so this phone easy looks filthy.

Not only that, the casing cover on Liquid Z520 has also been coupled with a flip cover made from ingredients that are both easily dirty. Flip the cover also feels quite disturbing for us, especially when wanting to operate this phone with one hand. Flip the cover also annoying as we were about to take a photo with the main camera, as well as when it was about to be mounted in the tongsis.

Acer Liquid Z520 is equipped with main camera 8 MP 2 MP front camera and. In terms of specifications, both have been sufficient to meet the needs of the standard photo activities. This phone has also been equipped with a camera application that features quite complete, ranging from photo filter features, to the settings for ISO, manual white balance, and color.

Acer Liquid Z520 looks a little superior to his brother, Liquid Z500 with the difference of a few points on each test we did. Even so, the phone is still classified as lost if compared to some of its competitors in terms of performance. It looks at testing using 3DMark and PCMark shows that Acer Liquid Z520 bulldoze some unable to its competitors.

For the durability of the battery, it should be recognized the Acer Liquid Z520 belongs to a superior when compared to its competitors. In testing the battery using PC marks, he was able to last up to 6 hours, 5 minutes, and on the use of reasonable daily he still strong to accompany our activities a day.