Apple iPhone 6 User Manual Pdf

Apple iPhone 6 User Manual Pdf

Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 User Manual Pdf –¬†Specifications in the stretcher was quite high at a comparable price and high quality so do not be surprised if Apple iPhone 6 is in bandrol price is quite expensive. Comes with a slightly larger screen and thinner design, the iPhone 6 looks more elegant compared with the previous generation iPhone. If in the lyrics of course the price is quite expensive premium gadget has many benefits or advantages which will in turn make attracted many consumers, especially the lovers of the Apple iPhone. So what are the advantages of Apple’s iPhone 6?

Equipped with a quad-core processor 2.5 GhzdaniOS 8
Apple iPhone 6 is equipped with a quad-core processor with speeds up to 2.5 GHz that is capable of supporting multitasking and supported by iOS 8 which is the latest operating system from Apple Inc and can certainly support the performance and the performance of the iPhone optimally

Powered by 4G LTE network
With the support of 4G LTE network would further speed up the connection and access the Internet or other applications

Equipped with a screen protector Chrystal Sapphire Glass
Chrystal Sapphire Glass screen protector is a screen protector can protect the screen from scratches and impact and water resistant so that the security of the iPhone screen 6 is more secure

8 MP camera
Apple iPhone 6 is also equipped with a high resolution camera of 8 MP and also comes with auto focus and LED flash which will further clarify and add to the quality of the image. LED Flash can help increase the brightness of the image in low light or dark little
It has many features

Apple iPhone is equipped with a variety of interesting features and complete such as GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, TV-Out, USB and other features. And there is also a dual sim features that make it easier for users because it can use two sim cards simultaneously so no need to use two mobile phones or gadgets

Large enough memory
Buried memory in the iPhone 6 is quite large and there is a wide choice of 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB are certainly capable of storing more data and is supported also by a large enough RAM capacity is 2 GB

More sleek and elegant design
Comes with a slightly larger screen than the iPhone before its generation, but its design is much thinner and lighter so that the lighter moment in handheld and look more elegant

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