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Apple iPhone 7 User Manual – If iPhone 7 does not give surprises with new features are useful, we worry if the consumer does not want to upgrade to that phone. And unfortunately, there hasn’t been any leakage that we see the iPhone 7 are innovative, “said Ben Schachter, an analyst at Macquarie quotation from Reuters.

The iPhone 7 the possibility of bringing design and new features such as waterproof, wireless headphones and home button force touch. But that alone is not enough to lure votes of consumers switching from iPhone or Android they have.

But of course Apple is probably still hiding surprises in iPhone 7. This handset was banned from the disappointing, if not the possibility of Apple stock price has yet to be recovered. For the record, in a period of about a year this value the company Apple already trousers trimmed around USD 200 billion.

iphone 7 and 7 plus update

Early leakage problem iPhone 7 mentions the phone would pin the camera lens. Several sources in later revised the leak.

They say the double lens camera only exclusive Variant that more jumbo, namely iPhone 7 Plus.

Meanwhile, the iPhone camera 7 is said to have a single lens size is enlarged, as reported

Rumours were reinforced with a picture that circulated in the virtual realm. Giant iPhone camera 7 seem to arise, so that does not align with the rear body. A similar design was also seen in the leaked images of the iPhone 7 Plus.

If the leakage is circulating properly, Apple seems to want to improve the quality of his camera so that should significantly compromising the design aspects.

The reason, several vendors have started to trim the camera design arises because it is considered not. Call it the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge who willingly lowered his camera pixels for the sake of leveling the camera body with a cell phone.

Hence, what are the advantages of the camera that enlarged and dipertebal? Could have been better quality megapixel performance at night more maximum stability, targeting more awake, and overall more capable sensors.

The possibilities it can not be ascertained because Apple has not issued any official comment. Flagship iPhone 7 and 7 Plus itself is scheduled to slide in September.

In addition to the matter of the camera, there are a few other rumors milling about santer reserved duet 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus. Some of these include the operating system iOS 10, touch-sensitive home button, bigger battery capacity, as well as a more efficient processor.

Color Space Gray that so typical of the iPhone also reportedly would disappear. Instead, Apple’s rumored iPhone will be releasing a 7 and 7 Plus wrapped dark blue