Apple iPhone 9 – 9 Plus User Manual PDF

Apple iPhone 9 – 9 Plus User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Apple iPhone 9 – iPhone 9 Plus

Apple iPhone 9 – iPhone 9 PlusĀ user manual Download

If your tired of discussing Apple iPhone 8, which he said was phenomenal, then maybe it’s time to discuss the prospective successor, Apple iPhone 9.

Indeed, never mind the Apple iPhone, because of the latest phones 9 Apple this year alone, Apple iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus has not been established. Although already established though the coming September 8th, iPhone rumored would later attend.

But it seems like it isn’t a problem for Apple fans, especially those who are a fan of the iPhone. The reason, cell phone iPhone snapper 9 indeed would present in some time to come.

Or rather on next year. Even if mobile iPhone after iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 iPhone no named iPhone 8s. Let’s stop discussing names, we start discussing about the specifications of your mobile phone the snapper on this one.

Apple iPhone 9 said would present with a new size with different iPhone that already exist today.


The standard model of the iPhone 9 said would brings the screen sized 5.28 inches, while the iPhone 9 plus will present a screen with largest, isĀ 6.46 inches.

As it known, since the presence of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple is indeed already jacked up iPhone screen size so 4.7 inches and 5.5 inch. And if zoomed in again, then the size of the cell phones also will be larger.

But not impossible if the iPhone screen size 9 and 9 Plus is made larger without enlarging the size of the body. Remember the Samsung can do it at Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Then why Apple can’t?

Not to mention the eponymous futuristic designs prepared on the iPhone with 8 super high screen ratio can also be a reference to Apple’s flagship mobile phone future.

So does not cover possible Apple will enlarge the screen size without affecting the dimension of the body of the phone.

In addition, other speculation also said if the screen iPhone 9 and 9 Plus this will wear the OLED technology. It is based on Apple’s business news began ordering more OLED screen to Samsung lately.

This obviously has not been confirmed. Never mind about the Apple iPhone iPhone, 9 8 himself remains unclear to this day.