Apple iPhone X User Manual PDF

Apple iPhone X User Manual PDF

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After introducing the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple CEO Tim Cook said “one more thing” on stage at the launch of Steve Jobs Apple Theatre, Park Campus, Cupertino, USA. The invited guests welcoming greeting it with the cheers of impatience.

Apple finally unveils the iPhone X as a line of completely different from the previous one, marking a decade of progress the Giants in the industry of smartphone.

“This is the biggest leap forward since the iPhone was first introduced,” said Tim Cook, Wednesday (13/9/2017) qualifier or about Tuesday (12/9/2017) afternoon in the United States.

The most striking thing of iPhone X is a design that is thin-framed or popularly called “bezel-less” measuring 5.8 inches. The screen so it is possible the first OLED type installed on the iPhone.

IPhone X body wrapped in stainless steel quality like iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Not quite up there, no matter how it looks Super brings the Retina is claimed to bring the best high resolution, contrast, and colors more diverse, rich, and accurate.

Super display has a resolution of Retinal iPhone X 2436 x 1125 pixels and density 456 ppi. This is the highest pixel density throughout the history of the iPhone.

iPhone X no longer has a Home button at all. To begin navigation, the user simply sweeps the screen to the top. There are physical buttons on the right side which is useful to speak with Assistant digital Series.

Face ID more secure

Then, how do I unlock the iPhone X? Apple’s Senior VP of Marketing, Phill Schiller, mencontohkannya simple way. No need to press anything, just look towards the screen of the iPhone.

“We call it a Face ID,” said Phill Schiller.

Further, Phill Schiller calls the Face ID of Apple’s findings will be game-changing in the smartphone industry to protect the security of the user. Face feature ID is made possible by Apple’s creation algorithm that compared the ability of TrueDepth in front of the camera.

The next question is, how fast the Face ID X iPhone users recognize faces? Pemrosesannya occurs in real-time and claimed it was hard being cheated because it continues to study the pattern of the face.

Although the user change the hairstyle, wearing a hat, or wearing glasses, Face ID touted still can recognize faces the owner iPhone x. Face ID can also distinguish the look on the face of the original photo, so reluctant fooled photo face.

Face ID is said to be more secure than Touch ID. Because the human fingerprint, the difference compared to 1:50, 000, while the pattern of the face as opposed to the 1:1,000,000 aka more unique and rare.


In addition to innovation Face ID, Apple also presents the emoji move named “animoji”. Apple is aware that the current generation of emoji love sharing and animoji are expected to be able to improve the experience of expression.

Dual camera with dual-OIS

Unlike the iPhone the camera Plus 8 double horizontal, dual camera on iPhone X made vertically. The sensor is 12 megapixel quality with new colors, pixels filter, as well as openings of each f/1.8 and f/2.4.

Dual camera is already pinned stabilizer aka OIS in each lensanya. More information, iPhone camera X zoom low-light Has a better, more capable of video recording, as well as quad-LED True Tone flash for targeting in an increasingly dark natural situation.

His selfie camera ever improved. If on the iPhone 8 Plus free portrait lighting on the back side, then on the iPhone X mode it can also be done for selfie.

Other specifications include stereo speakers X iPhone, waterproof  and anti-dust, the cas battery wirelessly, as well as his fast cas. This special line of start order was opened on October 27, 2017 and marketed in several countries on November 3, 2017. The price started to $999.