Apple iPhone XS – XS Max and XR User Manual PDF

Apple iPhone XS – XS Max and XR User Manual PDF

support manual and ios 12 Apple iPhone XS – XS Max and XR

Apple iPhone XS – XS Max and XR support Download
Apple iPhone XS – XS Max and XR iOS support Download

iPhone XS – XS Max and XR support – Reported by Venture Beat, Thursday (13/9/2018), this is not a cell phone, but Apple’s flagship mobile phone this may be preferred by gamers because it comes with a video game designed by Todd Howard. The Elder Scrolls: Blades which is a video game of fantasy and magic.


The iPhone has a lower XR with $749 compared to iPhone which XS price at $999 and iPhone XS Max price at $1099.

However, prices did not make iPhone XR be retarded. Gamers will be pleased with the display screen 120 hertz, refreshed 120 times in one second will make the experience more enjoyable game play.

iPhone XR will be present with many variant color black, white, red, yellow, coral, and blue than on the iPhone XS and XS Max which has 3 colors only.


iPhone XR, XS, XS and Max have the latest features, namely, Smart High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Smart HDR enables the user to clicked four photographs constantly when camera application is opened. This means that when holding down the shutter will occur zero lag when clicked the moment quickly.

Smart HDR was also able to stitch the photos that happen within the same moment to produce one perfect photo. Apple says AI can take part in each photo to produce a perfect image. This approach is almost similar to the Google phone that combines a 2 Pixel photos that are underexposed.

The camera features the most highlight was in front of the camera of the iPhone. Users can freely set the depth of field to set the level of opacity in the background after you clicked the photo.

Verily, this feature has been implemented in the Samsung Note 8, released last year. the iPhone is thought to add this feature to pursue failed from Samsung.

This feature is very useful when bokeh photo capture to isolate the subject photo with blurry background. This feature is also useful for users to make sure the photos are shooted at focus.

Questioning specifications, iPhone XS and XS Max has a double wide angle camera 12MP resolution with Aperture f/1.8 telephoto lens and 12 MP with Aperture f/2.4. Both of these increase the default flash phones called using true tone flash. Included also the optical image stabilization.

Both phones have a camera selfie 7 MP resolution. the iPhone also allows the camera to do a 2 times optical zoom and digital zoom up to 10 times.

Offered from The Verge, iPhone XR also has the same camera system with XS and XS Max, only the difference between single rear camera with a 12 MP sensor f/1.8 aperture and camera 7MP sensors with selfie. The sensor of the camera allows the XR to do digital zoom up to 5 times.