BlackBerry Argon (DTEK60) User manual PDF

BlackBerry Argon (DTEK60) User manual PDF

BlackBerry DTEK60

BlackBerry Argon (DTEK60) manual

BlackBerry Argon (DTEK60) manual – BlackBerry with code number DTEK60 has been tested certification bodies is the United States FCC regulations. On the certification, the DTEK60 comes with the BlackBerry model number BBA1001.

In addition to the FCC, this smartphone is also reported to have obtained certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance, for devices with model number BBA100 BBA100-1,-2 and DTEK60. BlackBerry devices are referred to as DTEK60 DTEK50, which is the successor device LG brand with 4 different Idol.

BlackBerry DTEK60 also reportedly as a version with a different brand of TCL 950. Has not been announced officially, mobile phone production this TCL has been getting sertfikasi from TENAA and has been through a number of tests on the application GFXBench benchmark.

Phone Arena reported, DTEK60 will present a screen with support of 5.5 inch 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and GPU 820 Adreno 530, 4 GB of RAM and an internal memory and 32 GB.

In addition, the device is also rumored to be fitted a rear camera 21 MP and front camera, 8 MP USB port Type-C sensor and fingerprint scanner. Button Convenience will also be back on a device that is rumored to use the Android operating system 6.0.1.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry reportedly will not equip the device with a physical QWERTY keyboard, and will fully rely on the touch screen for all functions, including navigation and typing.

This DTEK60 BlackBerry related information has been circulated previously, even though the BlackBerry is still reluctant to give confirmation or objection related to this smartphone.

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