BlackBerry DTEK50 (Neon) User Manual Guide

BlackBerry DTEK50 (Neon) User Manual Guide

BlackBerry DTEK 50

BlackBerry DTEK 50 manual

BlackBerry DTEK 50 reviews – BlackBerry today officially launches Android smartphone that was given the nickname DTEK 50 through web streaming. Smartphones that previously had called the Neon is claimed is the best Android smartphone with security.

In terms of specifications, DTEK 5.2 inch screen brings 50 with Full HD quality, scratch and resolution 424 ppi, 1920 x 1080. The device runs the Android OS with the carrying Marshmallows Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 3 GB of RAM and 617 16 GB expandable memory slot up to 2TG.

In addition, the device is also suitable for lovers of photography since the Canada business has been to equip the camera DTEK 50 with 13MP with dual tone rear flash. The camera it claimed no less than a DSLR.

Meanwhile, selfie lovers and video call is also armed with the front camera 8 MP who mated with selfie flash. The fixed-focus camera, f 1.4. 84 with a wide angle lens/field of view.

As Android smartphone, smartphones will have thousands of applications that can be downloaded on Google Play Store and carry other Google provisioning applications. The value added is that the BlackBerry software have entered into it. Scott McCarthy, one of the executives of BlackBerry explained that the company deliberately chose the name BlackBerry DTEK50 to accentuate the security applications.

Application is claimed capable of helping users to improve the security of the device. The application will provide input and user notification before giving approval on other applications wishing to use devices such as microphone, camera, and location. This application has been previously exist in BlackBerry Serverach.

Provisioning BlackBerry applications also present such as BlackBerry Calendar Hub and BlackBerry Spark. This Smartphone also provided a versatile button which used to exist in BlackBerry. The button can be open an application or program that favored and most frequently used user.

BlackBerry says that they have modified the Android with its own technology originally developed for BB10 platform is more secure. The company is also committed to update quickly to provide security patches as soon as they are launched.

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