Canon AE-1 Program – User Manual PDF

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Canon AE-1 Program – User Manual PDF

Canon AE-1

download manual PDF Canon AE-1

Canon AE-1 Camera User Manual Download

The camera is pretty easy to handle. It is made of metal and faux leather, making it extremely durable, and a little heavy. Some may look at the weight as a problem with the camera, but the extra weight seems to help me keep the camera stable when I shoot by hand after shooting. Nothing is worse than shooting without a tripod and all the photos come back blurry due to shaking hand holding.

The split Prism Focus screen is the best feature of this camera. The manual split-screen approach, although a little time consuming sometimes, makes the shots clearer. They really come out very well. It is also easily mounted on tripods, eliminating any motion blur for extra sharp images.

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