Canon Camcorder XA10 User Manual Pdf

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Canon Camcorder XA10 User Manual Pdf

Canon Camcorder XA10 HD

Canon Camcorder XA10 User Manual Pdf

Body XA10 is certainly no greater than a few cousins ​​consumer cam, but there are some external features that instantly sets it apart. Perhaps the most obvious is the detachable handle, which is a good inclusion as it provides another handle option for handheld shots. Located at the front of the handle there is an additional zoom control and early lockable / stop record button, making low angles to catch the wind.

However, what really makes a spectacular detachable handle are the two phantom powered XLR ports with manual audio controls and an external microphone increases. Being able to let go of the handle is an added bonus when stow compact and excursions required.

XA10 captures images at 1/3 inch CMOS Image Sensor, using the AVCHD codec and records up to 24Mbps with 4: 0 color space: 2 The 10x HD Zoom Lens offers a 35mm equivalent of 30.4mm – 304mm and combined with 8-blade iris, gives the picture looks great. Options in the frame rate (60i, 30p Progressive, and native 24p) provide flexibility if you shoot for the web or want to give your video more movie like look.

Having a sharp and clear focus of your subject is very important in video production and XA10 gives us many options in obtaining this goal. The focus ring at the front is a good start. Focus Aid, after being turned on, activated each time you move the ring. It provides 2x magnification, which allows us to easily achieve sharp focus.

An edge of the waveform display monitors, color peaking and display the focus distance is also helpful in achieving perfect focus. Touch focus, Face Detection Touch & Track and helped us focus on the time saving set-up time, which is great for run and gun shooting.

Along with full manual control of iris, shutter speed and exposure, zebra stripes and waveform monitor helps in achieving accurate exposure. To ensure you are always represented accurate color, white balance options are available in the car, presets, special arrangements and Kelvin settings that allow you to adjust the white balance in-degree increments between 100 and 15,000K 2,000K. Standard SMPTE color bars and tone (-12dB, -18dB, or tone-20dB) can also be added at the touch of a button.

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