Canon EOS 60D User Manual PDF

Canon EOS 60D User Manual PDF

Canon EOS 60D

download manual PDF Canon EOS 60D 324 pages

Canon EOS 60D User Manual Download

It takes big pictures even in the hardest scenarios. It has a wonderful grip that makes it very comfortable and safe to hold. It does not weigh too much with the basic lens of the kit 18-55 but with longer zooms it is a handful. It focuses very quickly, stores the image quickly on a high speed SD card (you buy) high speed capture allows 5 shots per second. The many options available make even the most difficult images to take, possible.

If you are a beginner looking at this camera for your first purchase of a DSLR, you may not have a good choice. I would stay with a canon of entry-level or Nikon DSLR camera, as it will take such good pictures and be much easier to learn the basics.