Canon EOS M5 User Manual PDF


Canon EOS M5 User Manual PDF


Canon EOS M5

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Reviews Canon EOS M5

The camera was first introduced in September, then it represents the efforts of Canon camera segment mirrorless aiming for the middle class. Different from its predecessor, the EOS M10 and EOS M3, EOS M5 is intended for the experienced photographer.

Therefore, features the EOS M5 else impressed more “serious”. The camera among other things equipped with integrated electronic viewfinder is placed in the “hump” or middle part of the body, so an appearance similar to DSLR cameras in General.

Offal EOS M5 became one updated with immersing a variety of components that are similar to the EOS 80 d, includes the latest Digic image processor 7, APS-C sensor 24 Megapixel autofocus technology, and Dual-Pixal AF.

Canon undertook to maintain the features of the touch screen LCD tilting 3.2 inches that can be bent 180 degrees towards the front so that it faces the user, in addition to the top and bottom for shooting high/low angle.

From the front, looks similar to the M5 with the EOS DSLR cameras because it has a hump containing the electronic viewfinder flash at the same time, the following prominent handgrip. EOS M3 and M10 earlier embraced the form factor rangefinder-stye in the form of a flat square box at the top. EOS body M5 made of magnesium alloy metal so it feels solid and sturdy in genggalan.

The back of the EOS M5 looks similar to the EOS M3. However, there are a few buttons that function exchanged, such as record button which is now located in the upper right buttons D-pad. The button layout of the exposure lock, playback, info, and AF point selection is also moved. The electronic Viewfinder on this camera has a resolution of 2.36 megapixel camera with frame coverage of 100 per cent.

The changes that’ll look on the side of the top plate EOS M5 (photo left). In addition to the exposure compensation dial and the front dial surrounding the shutter button, the camera is equipped with a mode dial lock in the middle section. There is also a second command dial that functions can be changed by pressing the Dial Funct. The down side to load the battery compartment while the memory card (SD).

3.2 inch LCD touch screen on EOS M5 can be bent towards the front of the down side (photo left). This makes it easy to position the user in a photo or video recording selfie, but rather difficult to wear when the camera is mounted on a tripod. The hinges of the screen can also be bent towards the top and bawan (tilting).

The rubber cover on the right side (photo left) hides the HDMI connector. Below it there is a button Wi-Fi to connect the camera to the mobile gadget. On the left side, EOS M5 data connector provides micro-USB and input to the microphone.