Canon Powershots S3 IS Manual Pdf

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Canon Powershots S3 IS Manual Pdf

Canon Powershots S3 IS

Canon Powershots S3 IS Manual Pdf – I bought my PowerShot S3 instead of S10 that has helped me amazingly well since I bought it. My old S10 only (megapixel) camera 2.1MP but it suited me fine, taking tens of thousands of pictures over the last six years that I have it.

This camera is not much more than I’ll ever use so I will focus (no pun intended) on the things I really like about the camera, from the perspective of a point-and-shoot. Some of this information may be old hat to point-and-shoot digital camera crowd, but remember that I come from a six-year-old camera that does not have half as many features. 🙂

Although the camera is not an SLR camera, it behaves like one. There is an LCD panel on the back of the camera to line up your shot, of course, and there is also a viewfinder. Looking through the viewfinder reveals another LCD screen that shows what the CCD camera show. In effect this gives the benefits of SLR cameras at no extra cost.

This forced me to change my style of shooting when I took a close-up through (straight-through) viewfinder on my S10 should accidentally turn the camera a little higher to properly frame the shot. With S3 I do not have it interfere again.

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