Canon T2i EOS 550D User Manual Pdf

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Canon T2i EOS 550D User Manual Pdf

Canon T2i EOS 550D

Canon T2i EOS 550D User Manual Pdf – Canon re-do the upgrade of their popular EOS 500D DSLR, with the launch of the EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i) with major changes in the sensor. When the Canon 500D 15 MP CMOS sensor wear, so this time wearing a Canon 18 MP CMOS sensor with gapless micro lens technology (first introduced on the EOS 50D).

This tech sensors have the ability to capture light better so even if the sensor chip has a pixel density of the meeting but it is believed will not sacrifice quality.

Physically, there is no significant change from 500D to 550D. On the front are both almost the same except that the position of the logo EOS switch in the up position. At the rear looks resolution 3-inch LCD screen 1 million pixels wider thanks to the use of the format aspect ratio of 3: 2 (not 4: 3).

The EOS 550D is arguably like a miniature of the EOS 7D, not only because of the similarity of the sensor, but because it has a modern metering module (63 zone iFCL metering), the same ISO range (100-6400) and the ability to record full HD video resolution 1080i movie with 30 fps. Both also use a powerful DIGIC IV processor.

But of course not all the advantages of the EOS 7D is adopted here. The EOS 550D 500D however remains the same as the ‘only’ 9 point AF, the viewfinder mirror (not the prism) and a fairly slow speed burst (3.7 fps). Not to mention in the design and the material body, the EOS 550D is not as solid as his brother segagah and 7D.

EOS 550 body is still relatively small, especially in gripnya, while the body is plastic materials (not magnesium alloy). The plus side, for those of you who do not need all the grandeur of the EOS 7D (such as burst speed of up to 8 fps, or the number of AF points by 19 points, or extra sturdy body material plus weather sealed) you can choose the EOS 550D is just enough to price 9 million including kit lens EF-S 18-55mm IS.

Canon T2i EOS 550D User Manual Pdf

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