DJI M600 Pro User Manual PDF

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DJI M600 Pro User Manual PDF

DJI M600 Pro

download manual PDF DJI M600 Pro

DJI M600 Pro User’s Guide Support Download

DJI-made drones such as the Phantom series provided a powerful tool-capable camera capable of recording video 4K. But the quality is certainly still far compared to medium-format camera-made Hassellblad.

Hence, the two companies teamed up spawn Pro M600 product DJI, drone that has medium-format Hasselblad camera H6D-100C pass gimbal Ronin-MX.

Hasselblad H6D camera-100C has a 100 megapixel resolution CMOS sensor and is able to capture the dynamic range up to 15 stops, sehigga claimed can display maximum detail, both in areas of shadow or highlight.

The camera in question also have the ability to record in RAW format 4K video or H.264 is more compatible with the video editing program.

M600 Pro is itself a drone with six rotors that are anti-dust. Navigation can rely on positioning systems in three dimensions so that it claimed could be placed in air space accurately.

As quoted from PetaPixel, Wednesday (27/4/2017), is actually nothing new. Both cameras, drones, and dreadlocks are both already announced earlier.

Price range

However, the DJI claims third merger drone component as “aerial photography platform integrates the world’s first with a resolution of 100 megapixels”.

The price of the drone camera medium format 100 megapixel Hasselblad and DJI crime has not yet been announced.

Separately, drones M600 Pro note worth $5,000, gimbal Ronin MX $1,600, and the Hasselblad H6D camera-100C $33,000 for his bodi only without the lens.

DJI allegedly bought most shares of the Hasselblad on last January. Earlier, in the middle of last year, the two companies have already spawned the drone with the camera Hasselblad medium format A5D.

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