Google Pixel XL User Manual Pdf

Google Nexus Pixel XL User Manual Pdf


Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL manual – Leakage two Nexus or which he said would be named Pixel getting started course. This time it’s even been revealing designs that appear via a video.

As reported earlier, Google mobile phone setting up two called back to continue the triumph of Nexus and Nexus 6P 5X. But Google reportedly will not longer use the name Nexus, but Pixel if said rumors are circulating.

As for the name to be carried on both phones touted as a Pixel and the Pixel Size XL as the criterion for its screen.

Password development used Google for both devices is the Marlin and Sailfish. The previous look Marlin aka Pixel XL already circulating in cyberspace, which if taken care of very inspired from HTC mobile phones. Especially when viewed accent horizontal bands on the body behind it.

O Yes just a reminder, Google called again entrust the making of Nexus to the HTC. Once in a generation previously held by LG and Huawei. So don’t be surprised if there is a feel of HTC phones in Pixels.

After the previous Pixel XL revealed design, now turn Pixels that are starting to appear. But it seems no different from the Pixel XL larger size. From all sides, Pixel and the Pixel XL have exactly the same design. Unfortunately leaked this time nature rendering, although many are convinced the shape will not be much different.

But at least this leakage can describe what sort of successor to the Nexus. Pixels and Pixel XL himself reportedly will soon be launched. Refers to the gossip, said two phones later Google it will be released on October 4th.

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Update October 05 2016

Have a larger screen, which is Pixel 5.5 inch XL certainly sold for a higher price. 32 GB version of the device will be sold at a price of $ 769.

Meanwhile, Pixel XL with 128 GB of storage medium being the most expensive with a price of $ 869. The price, as already mentioned above, the same expensive with the iPhone.

Pixels and Pixel XL has the brain processing of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset 821 and a fresh operating system Android specifically by Google. The operating system supports virtual reality platform of artificial Daydream of their own.

Both use AMOLED screen, 4 GB of RAM, USB port, and-C audio 3.5 mm. rear Camera pixels and Pixel XL has 12 megapixel resolution sharpness with the size of the pixels 1.55 microns, and lens with a diaphragm F/2.0.