Google Pixel 3 XL User Guide PDF

Google Pixel 3 XL User Guide PDF

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Google Pixel 3 XL User Guide PDF Download

Google Pixel 3 XL manual – 3 pixel and the Pixel 3 XL will be released in October, the Bloomberg report. Google is rumored to be using the same strategy, that makes Verizon as the only operator that sells cell phones. Google also will be selling both phones it, XL Version of Pixel 3 is rumored to be having a notch or bangs on the top of the screen. Remember Google has been making features that support the bangs on Android P, this is not surprising. Pixel 3 XL is rumored to have a body that is almost entirely in the form of a screen with a fringe on top.

Chances are, Google Pixel 3 XL will look similar to the LG G7, report The Verge. Bangs Pixel 3 XL will not be as wide as the iPhone X, although it was more bangs “high “. Chances are, it will be more prominent bangs to the screen.

While Pixel 3 is rumored to be having similar design Pixel 2. It means that Pixel 3 will likely have a bezel that is thicker than the XL Variant. This will probably disappoint some fans, especially considering the Pixel 3 is also the flagship smartphone.

At the beginning of this week, the emerging picture of screen protectors for Pixels 3 and Pixels 3 XL. If the picture is correct, it means that the bezel 3 will not be as thick as the Pixel at Pixel 2. The second Pixel 3 is rumored to be equipped with stereo speakers.

Google also seems to be still reluctant to put up two cameras on the back. They are still going to put up a single Pixel camera back at 3. However, Pixel 3 XL will be equipped with two camera lenses on the front. Unfortunately, it is not explained what the function of the two cameras.