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Google Pixel User Manual Pdf

Google Pixel

Google Pixel manual – The leaked pictures of one of the latest smartphones Google Pixel floating around. The Pixel series smartphones is called up as a replacement series Nexus and be present in two different screen size and name.

According to Android Police, one of two smartphones will be called by the name Pixel X, become a substitute for Nexus 5X paper LG which was launched last year. Meanwhile, 5.5 inch screen models will be called by the name Pixel XL, in lieu of the Nexus 6P works of Huawei.

Leaked pictures of the smart phone doesn’t display a lot of information, but this device is ensured using the original version of the Android operating system. The rated operating systems have a number of elements of the operating system on the iPhone 7 and Nexus 5X.

Google also is still reluctant to give more detailed information related to this device, though heavily advertise smartphone Pixel as a competitor to the iPhone. The ad was submitted Google through a number of mediums, such as specialized sites, banner advertising is great in Germany, and sculpture in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

In addition, the device is also rumored to be using the Android operating system 7.1 Nougat, and will be armed with IP53 certification. The provision of this certification enables users need not be alarming devices exposed to splashes of water.

Google Pixel is rumored to be marketed at a price of $649. The information circulated earlier mentions two versions of the device will be launched on 4 October.

download user’s guide in PDF Google Pixel

Google Pixel User’s Guide in Pdf Download

Update October 05 2016 Reviews

Google Pixel Camera

Google Pixel sensor using the same camera with Nexus 6 p, namely the Sony IMX337 with 1/2.3 “sensor size measuring 12.3 MP plus aperture of f/2.0. It’s just that, the openings of the lens who owned this phone still slick if compared to the Samsung Galaxy camera S7 and iPhone 7. Even so, the results of the photo that dicapture is able to display images with super sharp detail, coloring and pencahyaannya is quite stable and natural. Good for indoor and outdoor photos.

Google also has Pixel camera 1. 55 µm pixel size, and to improve performance also supported by Phase Detection autofocus Laser plus. However, of all the camera features owned this phone, HDR mode + the one who is quite prominent. Through this mode, you can generate a lowlight photos with the best quality. Even with the camera sensor that uses Huawei P9 Leica.

Google Hardware Pixel

Google Pixel using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset 821, which technically is an improvement from the Snapdragon 820. Although on paper the speed of mobile phone chipsets owned this decline than the Snapdragon 820, but functions there are some significant improvement. Among them a little better in the reduction of ‘ heat ‘, battery consumption and thus more efficient.

To compensate for the CPU performance, Google tested Pixel PULSE 4 GB RAM sink with internal storage capacity of 32 GB. The combination of offal is able to accelerate smoothly, good multitasking function when running or when digeber play games and watch videos.

But because Google’s Android operating system running Pixel 7.1 Nougat, multiple applications and gaming ‘ bit ‘ little experienced barriers when first played. Most likely, the application or game is not yet designed and can not adapt with the version of Android Nougat.

Single SIM 4G LTE

For this section, Google seems to want to adopt the concept of Apple in its iPhone device. Google Pixel include only one SIM card slot-type nano-SIM. There is no option of Dual SIM slots, as well as a microSD slot on this phone. So for those of you who have multiple SIM cards, obliged to have a backup phone.

Like Google, the flagship line of any given Pixel means connections abound. There is a WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, hotspot, Bluetooth A2DP, v4.2, LE, NFC and GPS/A-GPS equipped GLONASS. While for the data network, Google tested Pixel PULSE support 4 g LTE frequency bands with many.

Speed of data access on the Google 4 g LTE supports Pixel paint. 11 with speed up to 600 Mbps download and upload 75 Mbps. Only, to the current speed of the LTE cellular operators in some ground water are still limited in Cat 4.

With Fast Battery Charging

Although only equipped with 2770 mAh capacity lithium battery, power consumption, however Google Pixel belongs to Kathy loh. In all the full charging, this phone can provide a normal operating time throughout the day. Lucky, the phone also equipped the battery saver feature (Battery saver). Although the standard battery saver capabilities, but it can still be put to good use.

Google Assistant All-rounder

If you’ve ever tried Google’s personal assistant service in Google applications, in this Pixel Allo features Google Assistant already is embedded by default. To use the digital assistant-based Artificial Volker (AI), you can press the touch button in the middle of a while or say “OK Google”.

Simple User Interface

What about the user interface? Here is one other excess Pixels by Google. The Android-based interface 7.1 Nougat brought this phone is ‘ very ‘ simple, easily accessible and not make ribet users. Google Pixel only include standard Android applications. Automatic, interfacenya looks very ‘ clean ‘. This also makes accelerated UI feels ‘ smooth ‘.


Don’t want to like most cell phone flagship, Google gives a special name for fingerprint sensors (fingerprint) as ‘ Pixel ‘ Imprint. The sensor is located at the rear of the body, with the layout a bit upwards. This position is quite snugly and comfortably accessible fingers or toes rather than fingerprint that is on the lower front area aka the home button.

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