GoPro Hero4 Black Music User Manual PDF

GoPro Hero4 Black Music User Manual PDF


GoPro Hero4 Black Music manual

GoPro Hero4 Black Music manual – The picture quality is great and the sound is much better than normal GoPros. If you bought one spending a little extra money and get some extra clear lens covers.

Make your low sharpness setting of “Detail” for low. It cheats, but that’s how you do it. For staining in a post, make sure to set the picture to flat to preserve maximum color information.

people who use Hero4 black Edition do not worry about seeing what they are shooting at the moment, they are focused on what they are doing. Also, the gopro is designed for the film itself so you will not see the LCD screen. So far the app is running, it is just to see the angle you’ve plugged Your gopro in and to control recording.

download user’s guide in PDF GoPro Hero4 Black Music

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