GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition User Manual PDF

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition User Manual PDF


GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition manual

GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition manual – No less than Black Edition, GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition comes with the camera offers a super advanced, with the ability to take 1080 p HD quality pictures, sharper and clearer appearance. In addition, this camera also has the ability to record video with a resolution of 4 k ultra high quality and 2, 7 k, which is suitable for showing a video with the quality of wide screen.

In addition, with 12MP camera lens, GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition it will be able to take pictures and video with 30 fps speed. And besides, these cameras are equipped with features such as views, Time Lapse feature that allows users to capture images with varying time spans ranging from 0.5 seconds to 60 seconds.

As well as HiLight feature Tag is integrated with GoProApp and GoPro Studio which will help you in editing or share videos that you record to friends or viewers in social media.

and speaking of features, this one apparently ActionCam are also provided with a high-tech touch-screen, which allows you to manage your video footage, photos and activity record you with more convenient and easier.

And in fact, GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition is also enriched with Bluetooth and WiFi feature, which allows you to connect your device with this ActionCam, such as laptops, tablet or smartphone. Either before, after or while you are recording a video. And connect with the GoPro App with GoPro Hero4, you’ll be able to conjure up a smartphone or Tablet PC you become Smart Remote, to control your action camera up to a maximum of 180 Metres distance.

And not just for the action on the ground, the GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition can also survive in water to a depth of 40 metres, making it suitable for you lovers of sport diving or to simply capture the moment under the water.

Lockdown model batteries (battery door) on GoPro Hero 4 also sidh upgraded, so you don’t have to bother mencokel the battery cover to replace resources. Simply slide the switch, and the issue is resolved.

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