GoPro Karma User Manual PDF

GoPro Karma User Manual PDF


GoPro Karma manual

GoPro Karma manual – GoPro camera manufacturer’s original action, Germany it seems don’t want complacency by creating a camera only. In order to complete the ekositemnya, GoPro also makes drones.

The first drone GoPro released Tuesday (20/9/2016) and at the exhibition of photography and cinema, the 2016 Photokina in Cologne, Germany. Drone four propeller blades (quad-copter) it can be folded and put the suitcase, complete with remote.

In addition to the drones, GoPro also released two camera Action Hero series 5 of the latest, that is, a Black Hero 5 features a touch screen, recording of RAW, and image stabilization, as well as Hero 5 Session as spec-version down.

Drone Karma plan would go on sale on October 23, coming with a price of $799 or $1,099 to bundle with the camera Action Hero 5 and $999 to bundle with the camera Action Hero 5 Session.

While the GoPro Hero 5 cameras for Black, base price will sold at $399. Whereas, the GoPro Hero 5 Session sold at cheaper, $299 because of its specifications.

The second camera GoPro Hero 5 latest it will be marketed in the U.S. began October 2.

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