HP LaserJet Pro 400 User Manual Pdf

HP LaserJet Pro 400 User Manual Pdf

HP LaserJet Pro 400

HP LaserJet Pro 400 manual

HP LaserJet Pro 400 manual – Laser Jet Pro 400 can be thumbs up. Relying on 3.5 inch sized LCD screen, the user would can easily access a wide selection on offer. The user interface is user friendly without any proffered making it easy for users to access.

On the next menu, display the user would find a selection of apps and USB. Like the previous explanation, USB function options for users who want to print documents or photos directly from a Flash USB slot on the ditancapkannya available.

Another advantage that also offer Laser Jet Pro 400 is the ability to print back and forth. So when the user selects the print options back and forth, the printer will automatically print on both the surface of the paper without having to troublesome users to flipped it over himself.

This is one of the coolest features offered by Laser Jet Pro 400. Thanks to the features of the E-print, users can still use the Laser Jet Pro 400 even though it was outside the room.

This is possible because actual Laser Jet has provided a separate email address that can accept delivery of electronic mail from another email address. But to be able to use this feature, the user is obliged to enable it first.

In the process of active it, the user will be prompted for the email address that has been owned by the Laser Jet Pro 400. To find out, simply access the Enable menu ‘ Web Service ‘ on the LCD screen. But make sure the Laser Jet Pro 400 has been connected to the internet.

After entering the menu, select the ‘ HP Web Services Menu ‘ followed by selecting ‘ Display Email Address ‘. A moment later the Laser Jet Pro 400 will print his email address that can be used to enable users of the E-print.

So with the presence of features E-print on a Laser Jet Pro 400, if for example users are out of the Office, they can easily send files which want to he scored directly to an email address belonging to the Laser Jet Pro 400.

Shortly after the email contains your received, Laser Jet Pro 400 will automatically print it directly. So the staff at offices that require the file prints can instantly use it without needing to bother anymore to manually print them from the computer being used.

HP Print App can be accessed through a choice of ‘ Apps ‘ on the LCD screen Laser Jet Pro 400. In it the HP Print Apps offer a myriad of applications that have been optimized to run on small screen Laser Jet Pro 400.

Other application marketplaces, HP Print Apps also offer it in several categories such as photo processing, the application portal news, or other applications that display information such as flight schedules, shopping, promo to food recipes.

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