HTC Butterfly 3 User Manual Pdf

HTC Butterfly 3 User Manual Pdf

HTC Butterfly 3

HTC Butterfly 3 USER MANUAL PDF Download

HTC Butterfly 3 User Manual Pdf – Earlier this year the company of origin Taiwan smartphone, HTC, has launched the latest version of J Butterfly to market Japan. Recently HTC have also announced the latest version of the Butterfly J.

Offered from Ubergizmo, Tuesday (29/9) the latest version of the smartphone is named HTC Butterfly 3. The latest version it not only changed its name from HTC J Butterfly. Due to the high demand in Japan, the Butterfly J HTC intends to market such smartphones globally.

Possibility to HTC Butterfly 3 has a specification is not much different with HTC J Butterfly, in which this handset comes with a 5.2-inch display and has a Snapdragon processor 810 octa-core, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB storage (plus a microSD slot) and 2,700 mAh batteries.

Not only that, this smartphone also features a camera has a capacity for the main camera 20MP camera and with capacity to 13MP camera front. HTC also puts the speaker BoomSound for Butterfly 3.

HTC Butterfly 3 is reportedly will be released first in Taiwan on 20 October 2015. The time of release, HTC membanderolnya with an estimated price of $ 600. Unfortunately, to date not yet known when the smartphone will be penetrated the market share of the other.