HTC One A9s User Manual Download

HTC One A9s User Manual Download

HTC One A9s

HTC One A9s manual

HTC One A9 which has similarities to the series smartphone Apple, iPhone, known to have been launched in the past year. Now, the smartphone get the update version.

Leakage about its existence has been revealed through the image spread by @EvLeaks account. Reportedly, the device that is now unfolding is the HTC One A9s. The mobile phone is the successor of the previous version.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Friday (30/8/2016), although the look of the new devices still have similarities to the iPhone, HTC’s own gives a slightly different shades.

That resemblance lies in the penemapatan camera and flash. Originally, both were in the central area of the back of the smartphone, but has now switched to the edge of the left corner, just like that owned an iPhone.

While at the front, any secondary camera shifts to the upper left corner of the section. However, the placement of the sensors and the earphones are not experiencing changes and remain in the middle section.

One thing that distinguishes HTC One A9s and iPhone design is the physical home button-shaped oval, while the symmetrical spherical iPhone.

Evan Blass, the person behind the account @EvLeaks didn’t mention exactly when HTC will introduce the latest version of this One A9. In addition, there has been no official information also from HTC regarding his latest smartphone party.

download user’s guide HTC One A9s

HTC One A9s User’s Guide Download

Update HTC A9s

Smartphone One A9s are also present with similar design Apple smartphones, by placing the camera in the back of the left side of the body. Another similarity also looks at supply the letter S on the latest HTC device name.

Camera HTC A9s

The placement of the camera is different from the original version that pinned his camera behind the middle of the phone body. Meanwhile, another difference between HTC and iPhone smartphones A9s One looks at the provision on textured body button on the right side of the device as well as a physical Home button which tend to be oval.

Hardware HTC A9s

For specifications, HTC One A9s supported ole MediaTek octa-core processors, 16 GB of internal memory in the choice or 32 GB, and 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM. In addition, the device is also equipped with a camera behind 13MP f/1.4, battery mAh 2,300 and using the Android operating system 6.0 Marshmallow.

This smart phone is rumored to be marketed with price quote more affordable compared to his original version.