HTC One M9 User Manual Pdf

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HTC One M9 User Manual Pdf

HTC One M9

HTC One M9 User Manual Pdf – It seems you do not have to wait until March 1 to find out information about the latest HTC flagship smartphone. As reported from Technobuffalo, have leaked information about the latest HTC phones, tentatively called M9, ranging from specification, design, up to the price.

M9 does have a design similar to its predecessor. Even so, this design is indeed one of the advantages HTC, and so far the design is still the aspect that will be highlighted in the M9.

Another rumor circulating is that the HTC One (M9) will use as a camera 20 MP rear camera and a camera 4 MP front camera. This phone will use Snapdragon processor 810 @ 2.0 GHz with a 5-inch 1080p screen.

Meanwhile, the phone has a 3GB RAM with battery capacity of 2,900 mAh. He also will be equipped with speakers BoomSound and HTC Sense-based Android OS 7 5.0 Lollipop.

With the HTC Sense 7, users later given more customization options.

Other information that leaks out is about the price of the M9, which is about Rp11 million and available on the market in April this year.

On the other hand, always open the possibility of HTC will make changes to the final seconds. In addition, there may be information that leaks out is false. However, you will only have certainty about the latest HTC phones on 1st March.

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