HTC U 11 User Manual PDF

HTC U 11 User Manual PDF

HTC U 11

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HTC announced the final decision related to the name of its newest flagship smartphone stretchers, namely HTC U 11. The selection name is HTC to bridge the old and the new naming scheme.


According to Venture Beat, circulating this information from individual briefing on the company’s plans, which also reveal the device sailed 5.5 inches it will comes with five different color scheme options.

Component numbers in product names is intended to indicate that this device is the successor of the flagship smartphones his output of 2016 and then, namely HTC 10

Release Date

Meanwhile, the letter U represents the line of the device, the device is similar to the introduction at the beginning of this year, namely Ultra U and U Play.

As a premium member of line U, U 11 will be present with a choice of bright colours typical of HTC devices, similar to the color choices on the devices being introduced at last January. Even so, not all colors will be available in all areas of the marketing of these devices.

Five colors called will offer HTC namely white, black, red, blue and silver. HTC U 11 scheduled to be launched in the event that established on 16 May. Up to now, it is more known under the name of Ocean.

In the third quarter and then, circulating videos showing the device with the name of the Ocean, and displayed on the online portfolio of one of the designers. The video showcases the innovative design that carried a mobile phone, with a touch sensitive outer frame.

Reviews HTC U11

HTC’S Android-based smartphones are officially introduced U11. This is the newest flagship smartphone and the successor of the HTC 10 also released years ago.

HTC U11 has features that are quite unique. Users can “squeeze” the device to perform some function, such as turning on the camera or take photos.

The workings of the function like this. HTC U11 equipped with a feature called Edge Sense. The feature is a sensor that is placed in the left and right edges of the screen.

Well, the sensor can detect how strong the hands of users. For example, when the “squeezed” in a certain time, the device can automatically execute a certain function.

Interestingly, these functions can be set by the user. For example, when the “squeeze” within 3 seconds, the camera will turn on. Or when gripped firmly within 5 seconds, the flash light will light up.

In addition, as Android smartphone output in 2017, the other HTC U11 will be provided with a digital assistant features Google’s Assistant. For some specific market, HTC even supplementing it with digital assistants Amazon Alexa.

Yes, this device is equipped with two digital assistant at once, though in certain markets.

HTC LCD screens have a Super U11 5 berbentang 5.5 inch QHD resolution support. The screen was still protected again with the Gorilla glass Glass 5.


In terms of “hardware”, as in auto summary from GSMArena, Wednesday (17/5/2017), HTC U11 is equipped with top-class specification. Users will find the Snapdragon chipset 835, complete with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB storage media. In fact, outside of the US, this product comes with a version of the RAM 6 GB and 128 GB of storage media.


In terms of camera, HTC using technology UltraPixel 3 with 12 MP sensor. The technology that is in the camera aperture such as F/1.7, OIS, size micron pixel 1.4, dual LED flash and video recording capability, 4K.

At the front there is a 16 MP camera capable of recording 1080 p video and also selfie panorama.


In addition, HTC U11 equipped USB port Type-C 4.2, bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 air conditioning, NFC, GPS, GLONASS, IP67, and 3,000 battery mAh. There is no audio 3.5 mm ports on this device.


HTC’s own good-value sale price U11 high enough, is 749 euro.