HTC U11 Eyes User Manual PDF

HTC U11 Eyes User Manual PDF

download manual PDF HTC U11 Eyes

HTC U11 Eyes User Manual Download

HTC U11 Eyes manual – HTC officially Unveils flagship smartphone teranyarnya, U11 Eyes. Unlike the previous series of flagship smartphone, the HTC is devoted to lovers selfie (swafoto).

By design, the U11 Eyes brings refreshment physical form, is dressed in red shiny metal material on the cover.


Smartphone comes with dual front camera 5MP each capable of snapping a photo sharper selfie. Both lenses feature provided with Depth of Field that could produce an effect blur (bokeh) on the object swafoto.


Offered from the Mirror, Wednesday (17/1/2018), HTC U11 Eyes also equipped the camera with a 12MP resolution main. For specifications, armed with Smartphones processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and reinforced with a battery capacity of 3.930 mAh.


Further, a smartphone with a 6 inch screen also features scan feature of the face (face unlock) like the one in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X. Smartphone also claimed to hold dust and water.


HTC claims, features facial U11 Eyes scanning can work as quickly as a feature in the iPhone X FaceID. Braga, front camera U11 Eyes have special algorithms that can recognize human faces many points with ease.

“This feature can recognize users face once did they use sunglasses or masks cover the face,” wrote the HTC in its official description.

Interestingly, the U11 Eyes is a smartphone that can be kneaded. In a sense, this feature allows the user to open any type of application with just a squeeze.

“Just need to squeeze the smartphone with smooth, users can open any application, open the voice assistant, and much more,” said HTC.

For availability, HTC U11 Eyes now available in China in three color variants: Solar Red, Amazing Silver, and Ceramic Black.