Huawei G10 (Maimang 6) User Manual PDF

Huawei G10 (Maimang 6) User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Huawei G10 (Maimang 6) or Huawei Honor 9i

Huawei G10 (Maimang 6) User Manual Download

During this outstanding smartphone on the market, most are provided with features dual-camera for capturing the best moments of focus wide lens and camera lens. But Huawei makes something different by presenting features quad-camera aka four cameras. Dual-camera on the front and a dual-camera on the back.

Features quad-camera which was subsequently adopted by Huawei G10 aka Maimang 6 that in the near future soon to be released.

As the leaked specs revealed at TENAA the day before yesterday (13/9) that says that the device will have a brand as Huawei G10 which is the newest member of the series Maimang and marketed to China.

But that does not mean the handset is not sold in other countries. Huawei will still sell this smartphone for the global market, but labeled the brand as Huawei G10, not Maimang. This pattern is exactly the same with the name Maimang was changed to 5 Huawei G9 Plus that was launched into the global market last year. So, it makes sense that Maimang 6 will be called Huawei G10 outside China.

Huawei G10 release date

Huawei has also several times the release of a teaser in the form of images of Huawei G10 and the announcement for the launch of the smartphone in September 22.

Design and Camera

Reportedly, the smartphone will be equipped with a screen ratio of 18:9, with magnitudes of 5.9-inch screen and a resolution of 1,080 x 2,160 pixels. In the sector of photography, Huawei G10 equipped with dual cameras back 16 MP + 2 MP, and front dual camera 13 MP + 2 MP.


For its performance, Huawei rely on octa core processor G10 series and his model is still not known, helped by RAM 4 GB and 64 GB of internal memory storage, expandable via MicroSD. For operation of the device, equipped with a battery capacity of 3,240 mAh of power.