Huawei Honor V8 Max User Manual Download

Huawei Honor V8 Max User Manual Download

Huawei Honor V8 Max

Huawei Honor V8 Max manual

Huawei Honor V8 Max reviews – After the release of Honor 8, Huawei has a brother is rumored to be back from generation smartphone Honor. The device in question is the Honor V8 Max which is said will have the size of a phablet device jumblo.

It is because Honor Max V8 screen will use seluar 6.6 inches that have supported the resolution of 2 k. As with any Honor 8, version V8 Max will also be his own homemade chipset is Kirin 950, as reported by Gizmochina, Wednesday (13/7/2016).

To provide a smooth performance, Huawei also equip it with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space. While in terms of shooting, will be embedded camera 8 megapixel resolution for the purposes of selfie and 13 megapixel main camera as part of the tow.

The battery power, the power of intake has 4,400 mAh has supported rapid charging. In addition carries 3 GB RAM, Huawei also has provided a version of the larger RAM capacity of 4 GB. That way, any saving of space expanded to 64 GB.

Reserved price, Huawei Honor V8 rumored to be sold for $ 399 for the version with 3 GB of RAM, and $ 374 to a higher version.

The use of chipset Kirin 950 himself, have score assessment is able to compete with other manufacturers of chipsets like Exynos from Samsung, Qualcomm, Snapdragon chipset and of Serie A from Apple. In the list of AnTuTu version 6.0, Kirin 950 successfully occupied the fourth place among the three chipset.

He defeated 7420 Exynos chipset, Qualcomm and 652 810 chipset, and the A8 to Apple. While on it, persists the three chipset is Exynos 8890, Apple A9, and ranked first there are 820 with Qualcomm difference score above 3,000.

download user guide in pdf Huawei Honor V8 Max

Huawei Honor V8 Max User Manual Guide Download