Huawei Nova 2i User Manual PDF

Huawei Nova 2i User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Huawei Nova 2i

Huawei Nova 2i User Guide PDF Download

Huawei Nova 2i manual – Double camera became one of the industry’s trends in smartphones this year. At first, the double camera you will be able to find on premium smartphone. However, later on, camera detectors can also be found in the middle-class smartphone.

Camera detectors are usually useful for taking images wider or produce an effect Bokeh or mengabur background. Mostly, two cameras will be embedded in the back of the smartphone. However, there is also the vendor who installed two cameras in the front. Typically, the smartphone it does favor the front camera for selfie.


Huawei Nova 2i have a large enough screen, 5.9 inches. Huawei mentions, with a larger screen, the user will be more freely when utilizing the features of multitasking. I agree with Huawei. The larger the screen, use two applications at once became increasingly convenient.

Interestingly, in addition to 4 cameras, Huawei also uses thin-bezel-other trends in smartphone industry this year–on Nova 2i. Thus, while the screen of this phone is 5.9 inches, it looks and feels like a smartphone with a size of 5.5 inches.

Using Nova 2i, I don’t feel he has the body too large that it’s hard to gripped with one hand.

Indeed, the bezel of the Nova 2i is not as thin as the bezel, say, Samsung Galaxy S8. However, Huawei has managed to cut its order on Nova 2i so he doesn’t look too bongsor even though the screen with nearly 6 inches.

To minimize the bezel, Huawei is no longer a physical Home button pair on the Nova 2i. Instead, you’ll find a virtual button on the bottom of the screen. While fingerprint sensor you will find in the back, under the dual camera that is mounted vertically.

The arrangement of sensors and two cameras behind Nova 2i this looks pretty sweet, not seaneh the settings on the latest premium smartphone Samsung. Volume and power buttons you will find in the right part. Charger port–which is still in the form of Type-A USB port–there is at the bottom. Flanked by speaker and audio port hole.

Software & UI

Huawei Nova 2i have used Android 7.0 are coated with artificial interface Huawei, EMUI version 5.1. One of the advantages of Android 7.0 is feature native multitasking. It means that all Android smartphone with 7.0 and above can open two applications at once. Nova 2i is not an exception.

In addition, Huawei also complement Nova 2i with Floating docks. As you can see in the image below, when this feature is enabled, you will be able to access a docking station that contains a back button, home, cell phone and keys.

Nova 2i also has a feature called Twin app. This feature has a function similar to the features of cloning. With this feature, you can enable two social media accounts like Facebook as well as chat applications like Messenger and WhatsApp. However, this feature is limited to social media accounts and chat.

Huawei also complements the arrangement with Nova Health. Here, you can adjust Your exercise target. You can also bring the Nova 2i to accompany your workout. Application of Health will calculate the distance, speed and calories burned as well.

However, during use, I realized that feature step counters on Nova 2i–that appear on a screen saver–sometimes less accurate. Sometimes, the number of uncountable steps sometimes jump up to a few hundred steps.

Camera & Video

Huawei completes Nova arrangement with two cameras and two behind the front camera. This is the second camera function to display an effect Bokeh or background that mengabur with fashion Portrait.

Nova 2i can also produce images sharp enough when it used to take photos during the day or night.