Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus User Manual PDF

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus User Manual PDF

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

download user’s manual PDF Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus Intructions Manual Pdf Download

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus manual PDF – Last September, the outstanding leakage on Lenovo tablet, Tab3 8 Plus on the internet. Tab3 8 Plus itself is considered the suksesor 8th Tab Lenovo, Android tablet sold with prices quite affordable.

Meanwhile, GSM Arena reports Tuesday (31/1/2017), mentions that Tab3 8 Plus has a number of better specs than its predecessor.

Processor Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

Outstanding leakage through Geekbench benchmark application testing showed that 8 Tab3 Plus has model number 8703F-TB. The performance of the device is reinforced with the processor Snapdragon 625 and RAM 3 GB.

Benchmark testing results showed that 3 Plus Tabs with single-core value 935 and multi-core value reached 4667. Arguably, strong enough to meet the needs of its users.

Still from the test results revealed that benchmark, Tab3 8 Plus uses Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Reportedly, this tablet has full HD screen resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its internal storage space between the 32 GB to 64 GB.

Camera Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

Photographic capabilities supported by the main camera 8MP camera and 5MP selfie. While this has not been mentioned regarding the price and availability of the Plus 8 Tab3 in the market. However, according to the news, these tablets will be sold more expensive than Tab3 8.