Lenovo Yoga 3-1470 User Manual Pdf

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Lenovo Yoga 3-1470 User Manual Pdf

Lenovo Yoga 3-1470

Download User Manual in Pdf Lenovo Yoga 3-1470

Lenovo Yoga 3-1470  Instruction Manual in Pdf


Lenovo Yoga 3-1470 User Manual – Lenovo YOGA 3 is one of the latest Lenovo ultrabook sail the 14-inch has been using the latest Intel processor Broadwell, and represents a separate graphics chipset, NVIDIA GeForce GT 940M.

In addition to comfortable when used, the keyboard on Lenovo YOGA 3 is also equipped with a backlight that can make it easier for users to be able to play in the dark. Lenovo YOGA 3 has also been equipped with a touch screen (touch screen) Full HD resolution, so it’s very fitting is used withWindows 8.1 operating system.

Lenovo YOGA 3 Intel Core i7 processor ditegai  5500U which is the latest generation of Intel processors, Broadwell. In addition,  supported NVIDIA graphics chip GeForce GT 940M with 2 GB of VRAM. Lenovo YOGA 3 also has 4 GB of RAM, so as to allow the use of various professional applications that are pretty heavy, like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Lenovo YOGA 3 can also run various games with quite smoothly. Some games that we tried, like XCOM: Enemy Within and Company of Heroes 2 can run smoothly on the ultrabook.

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