LG-420G User Manual Pdf

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LG-420G User Manual Pdf


LG-420G User Manual Pdf – I have been playing with LG throughout the day and it seems to work well. The sound is clear and everything seems to work the way it should. However, service manual is very complete and almost useless.

The service manual does not mention the speaker phone at all. It is not to be found in one of the menus. To access it, you must make a call or receive a call, then press the option button, and scroll down to the “speaker on” to turn it on. After you hang up, it is automatically turned off. It was very useful, but it would be helpful to have been able to see it in Services Guide.

The camera seems to work well and it may be useful to have, but only time will tell about it.

I could transfer my old Tracfone Nokia minutes for this new LG when I activated this morning, but I will keep the Nokia at least until I am sure that the LG is worth the money and I am sure that I get used to it. As I said, that the old Nokia still works great even though it is a very basic phone with no bells and whistles like this LG has.

So far, I consider the LG become a good phone. If you get one, watch out for the traps that I mentioned above in getting it charged and activated. Note also that the service manual will not help much. If you want to pre-pay a flip-phone with a camera and speakerphone and color screen to view, this may be good for your purchase.

LG-420G User Manual Pdf

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