LG G350 User Manual Pdf


LG G350 User Manual Pdf

LG G350

LG G350 User Manual Pdf –¬†The device is supplied already sim LG G350 and supported 2 g network of GSM to smooth communication. HP LG G350 also supports GPRS and EDGE to help users connect with the internet.

In addition there are still some other phone supporting connectivity LG G350. As for the connectivity including Wi-Fi to access the internet when the user LG G350 are public places such as offices, cafe or restaurant, which already provides free access area.

HP LG G350 has also provided connectivity Bluetooth and USB to ease user LG G350 in conducting the activities of the Exchange or transfer of data between devices without having to connect to internet first.

Mobile phone LG G350 is also already available features FM Radio for the entertainment needs of the users of the LG G350 either to hear news or music.

LG cell phone is present as the G350 fold with a tiny body and light enough. LG G350 has the dimensions of 108 x 58 with thickness of 19.5 mm and weighs 125 grams. Mobile phone LG G350 is only available in one color is color Titan.

The device comes with the G350 LG with screen covering about 1.9 inches by comparison the ratio between the screen and body ~ 44.5%. LG TFT technology display provided G350 and has a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels and capable of creating the screen density up to ~ 130 ppi pixel density.

Excess LG G350 is already equipped camera 1 .3MP resolution namely 1280 x 960 pixels equivalent. The G350 LG camera ready to accompany you in your capture every precious moment. The main camera LG the G350 in addition to already be used to take the photo already you can disable to record video.

In terms of storage space on the device LG G350 provided a 32 MB internal memory. LG internal memory that can still be covering G350 expanded again using esksternal or memory card slot microSD up to size the maximum capacity of 16 GB.

Mobile phone LG G350 already provided by 8 GB of RAM which will support so that the performance of your LG G350 can work to its full potential as well as responsive.

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