LG G6 User Manual PDF

LG G6 User Manual PDF


LG G6 manual

LG G6 manual – After the eye scanner technology introduces the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this time turn the LG is rumored to be using similar technology on a LG G6.

The decision was taken considering the modular concept that carried the LG G5 considered have yet to reap success. Therefore, competitors Samsung countrymen that needed a new feature to the series premiumnya that are able to attract public attention and the choice fell on the scanner.

However, the technology is carried to the eye scanner this will vary from Galaxy Note 7. Quoted from GSM Arena, Tuesday (1/11/2016), when Samsung camera front and separate cameras for eyes, the introduction of the LG chose to combine both in a single module.

So, two different functions can be directly executed in one component only. The use of one module is also making use of space in smaller smartphone.

As a comparison, the use of two different modules need space around a cubic centimeter 0.47, while one module only 0.36 cubic centimeters.

Unfortunately, to date has yet to be ascertained the specifications of the camera you want to use this smartphone, as well as other specifications. However, that does not mean there is no information about the premium smartphone touted would slide next year it.

One is the LG G6 is rumored to cancel the use of curved OLED screen for the smartphone. The cancellation of the use of curved OLED screen with regards to production constraints. LG Display screen called the supplier could not provide enough for OLED panel G6.

But it is not the only obstacle. In the same report, LG informed are developing technology magnetic resonance for Wireless charging and probably not yet ready to be marketed in conjunction with the G6.

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