LG G7 User Manual PDF

LG G7 User Manual PDF


download manual PDF LG G7

LG G7 User Manual Download

LG have a strategy that is different for each cell phone generation flagshipnya. G5 for example, using modular design. What about the G7?

LG G7 release date

A new report from South Korea to mention if LG will launch two flagship phones 2018 his earlier than usual. Like the G7 will be launched a few months sooner, compared the launch of the G6 in the previous year.

The report also mentions the LG will launch V30 faster than V20, namely a month sooner, in August. As a side note, LG launched the V20 on September 2016, as quoted from Phone Arena, Sunday (18/6/2017).


In a recent report, called LG already working with Qualcomm to ensure availability of processor flagship–likely named Snapdragon 845–on mobile flagship output 2018 is G7.

When asked to LG, a spokesman for the manufacturer of the original South Korea was not confirmed or dismissed the rumor. They only call if LG has not decided the schedule of launch mobile phones to come.

Even though it was a rumor, LG seems to be able to just do this strategy. Given a G6 use a similar strategy, that was launched earlier than Galaxy S8, though sacrificing processor usage output 2016.