LG Q6 User Manual PDF

LG Q6 User Manual PDF


available now, download manual PDF LG Q6 (LG-M700N)

LG Q6 LG-M700N User Manual Download
LG Q6 LG-M700N user manual (France) Download

The end of last April, LG cell phone till the middle of the reported size of the G6 called as LG G6 Mini. Followed by the release of leaked photos that feature phones still have a dual camera features.

Now, the account is pembocor notable, Evan Blass gadgets via Twitter account @evleaks again reveals the continuation of mobile phone LG Mini G6.

According to him, the G6 Mini will glide brings the official name as LG Q6. Mobile phones with model number LG-M700 is also mentioned are in the stage of test certification FCC.

Talking about the specs, LG Q6 would offer screen 5.4 inch aspect ratio 18:9, size a bit smaller if compared to the size of the screen G6 brings 5.7 inches.

In addition, LG Q6 will be pinned to the main camera 13 megapixel camera on the back. Has a capacity of 3 GB of RAM, unlike a G6 equipped capacity of 4 GB of RAM.

Unfortunately, the specs are still a mystery other Q6, including chipsets will hired. However, rumors say that the LG still entrusted to 821. Snapdragon chipset