LG V10 User Manual Pdf

LG V10 User Manual Pdf

LG V10

LG V10 User Manual PDF Download

LG V10 User Manual Pdf – When it was announced some time ago, the LG is not yet willing to expose price carried V10. Now the price has been announced officially, LG, including time for availability in the market.

LG V10 itself really does offer a different passing second screen feature. The user thus had a mini screen to view notifications without the need to access the main screen. In addition, this second screen can also be filled in by the application icons.

Not just that, as quoted from Phone Arena, Saturday (3/10/2015), the second screen that magnitude 2.1 inch it can also stay active to give notification even though the main screen when locked. That way, users don’t have to bother opening the screen if only to check out the notification.

Another advantage that owned the LG V10 is also located in front of the camera. LG dunked two cameras 5 MP at once create that hooked selfie. The second camera will be active when users want a wider angle of view, reached 120 degrees. Whereas if only one is used, the view angle of the area of 80 degrees.

Specs V10 also qualified, because target segments over a mobile phone equipped processor hexa (six) core Snapdragon 808, RAM 4 GB, and 64 GB of internal memory. Meanwhile the main camera 16 MP, exactly the same as that used by G4.

Curious cost? LG ensure the V10 will be sold $ 600. These prices are in the same price range G4. The difference between a consumer can memory capacity 64 GB internal, while if G4 just goto the internal memory of 32 GB.