LG V30 User Manual – PDF

LG V30 User Manual – PDF


download user’s manual LG V30 available

LG V30 User Manual PDF Download

LG V30 manual – Whereas the new corn whole V20 announced the LG, but that’s not stopping this South Korea manufacturers turned to his successor. LG reportedly is ready-ready to start development of V30.

“(Using) the right language is very important. (I) find it interesting in many publications wrongly perceive it as a ‘ secondary ‘ screen, use “@evleaks chirping, as quoted from Ubergizmo, Monday (21/12/2016).

@evleaks did not immediately take the name of her cell phone. But many who believe that that question is the V30. Let alone use the double screen seems to have been so characteristic of mobile phone LG series V, because it is already present in the first generation.

LG V30 Camera and Screen

In addition, both of these Smartphones have hardware specifications that qualified at the time of launch. It appears that the latest series of smartphones on V, is LG V30, will leave the screen both. Based on the information obtained from the official Twitter account of Evan Blass (@evleaks) mentioned that the LG V30 will leave the ticker screen which means both will disappear.

According to the news, this second screen feature will be replaced with something better and interesting on a LG V30. These last few years, LG was doing a variety of innovative experiments to produce different smartphones compared to other vendors, such as LG G5 which uses a modular design and LG V20 that uses two screens and two cameras at once.

LG V30 Release Date

Whatever it was, it was indeed too fast talk V30. Could have been at the center of development for the LG changed his mind and turned the direction of its development. In addition if it finally any predicted the new LG slide will announce it around the quarter III/IV in 2017. It is still about a year from now, so that’s still a lot that can change