LG V30s ThinQ User Manual PDF

LG V30s ThinQ User Manual PDF

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LG V30s ThinQ manual – One of the unique features that brought V30S ThinQ is artificial intelligence in a camera that has features of AI CAM, QLens, and the Bright Mode. Of course, this feature is used to enhance the capabilities of LG rec.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Sunday (25/2/2018), AI CAM can help V30S ThinQ to recognize diverse objects taken. For example, animal, human, city view, flowers, sunrise, sunset, food, and landscape.

With its artificial intelligence, could recommend settings that make the results of the photo look better. Users can also review the photos first before deciding the settings given AI CAM.

Then QLens help users V30S ThinQ to search photos. For example, if a user photographed photo cake, then he can find similar photos in the photo service of the third party in this case Pinterest and Amazon.

While the Bright Mode was weapon embedded in LG ThinQ V30S to handle minimal conditions of light. When this mode is activated photographing objects that are in the condition of minimal light can be clearly terpotret.

The secret of the ability of Bright Mode comes from the combination of pixel binning with slow shutter technical (slow shutter speed) about 1/7 seconds.

With the technique of pixel binning, LG lowers the resolution twice in each axis so that from 16 Megapixel sensor will generate a 4 megapixel camera. The light collected from three neighboring pixels in order to get a more candid photos.

For the sector of the kitchen runway, LG did a little increase in specification from the previous generation. Increased RAM 6 GB capacity of 4 GB, while the internal memory becomes 128/256 GB (UFS) of 64/128 GB. However, from the processor and battery V30S ThinQ still uses components that are the same as V30, namely Snapdragon 835 and 3,300 battery mAh.

In addition to internal memory RAM include the new look in the form of additional color collections such as New Moroccan Blue and New Platinum Gray.