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Samsung Galaxy View 2 manual – Samsung Galaxy View 2 has been certificate by the Bluetooth SIG and the Wi-FI Alliance in September last year, but still not officially revealed. It is hoped these devices will soon be promulgated.

Current, official-looking rendering of images leaked, exposing the body of the Galaxy View 2. Quoted from Gsmarena, Wednesday (24/4/2019), the Galaxy View 2 is a large tablet comes a disclaimer to stand.

Series View feature touchscreen measuring 18.4 inches, while his successor have screens smaller 17.5 inch with a resolution of 1080p.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 was redesigned with a hinged holder has 30 degrees when opened and looks much more ergonomic. This design can make you use it with practical when you are typing text (because the design’s “flat on it’s back “), even while you are talking.

The design is deliberately made for convenience and corner fitting to the user. Of course, you can make it so the position of the stand up.

The Galaxy View features grip integrated, who went missing in View 2. But this new tablet holder does have a large round holes, but you can wear it to move the tablet without having touches part of the screen.

The Galaxy View 2 will be equipped with chipset Samsung Exynos 7885, and RAM 3 GB. Like the first series, which are not equipped with high end specs.

The Galaxy View 2 will be launched at AT&T, with model number SM-T927A, which is in fact the operator can globally this tablet marks the debut. After that, the Wi-Fi feature Only will also be admitted into the Galaxy View 2.