Microsoft Lumia 1330 User Manual Pdf

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Microsoft Lumia 1330 User Manual Pdf

Microsoft Lumia 1330

Microsoft Lumia 1330 User Manual Pdf –¬†Word of¬†cyberspace has now been filled with information about the latest smartphone leaked photos, and rumored to be a product that will appear on the show the show the consumer electronics show (CES) 2015. The latest information says that there is the appearance of the original image of Microsoft’s latest Windows smartphones basis.

As quoted from the site IBTimes, Sunday (04/01/2015), the last few weeks many emerging leaked photo claimed as the latest smartphone 2015, one of which is a photograph of Microsoft smartphone Lumia series in 1320 which has a wide screen.

In a website from China, Baidu, noted that the base Windows smartphone will use the name of the series previously rumored Lumia 1320 using the name of the series 1330. One of the features highlighted in this photo is the dimension of a wider screen.

On the other hand, it was shown also that the Lumia 1320 is claimed to be present in front of the camera features a resolution supported by technology 14,1MP Pureview. In addition, it was shown also in the appearance of the rear body image that displays a large battery.

According to information circulating, Lumia 1320 itself will use a 5.7-inch screen dimensions with support for 720p HD resolution. In addition, it has the support of the kitchen runway MSM8926 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm series (Snapdragon series 400).

Unfortunately, until the news was revealed there is no clear information from Microsoft regarding the presence of leaked photos of this new product. Only some of the information mentioned, the smartphone with a Windows OS will appear at CES 2015.

Microsoft Lumia 1320 Instruction Manual Pdf


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