Nokia 106 User Manual Guide Pdf

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Nokia 106 User Manual Guide Pdf

Nokia 106

Now Nokia 106 was officially introduced by the well-known brand in the world to treat all consumers longing to nokia and even anticipated by consumers nokia, it is definitely all consumers like it because the price is very cheap and affordable for all people. Nokia always know loh..apa desired customers, and therefore I do not wonder if many mobile phone users are always loyal to the same phone from the company Nokia.

Nokia 106 mobile phone is a phone that is simple appearance and not adventurous. This phone has a screen size measuring 1.8inci, nokia phone result of mold is intentionally marketed to lower-class groups but that in suguhkan of Nokia phones ni as good as the upper classes, it’s just that the Nokia 106 phone is not in the Arm with a camera but inside there are many features that can help the activity of its users. For more details, let us try again more down again.

The Nokia 106 will be equipped with a battery capacity of 800 mAh and is claimed to last up to 35 days in standby mode. As for connectivity, this phone is only equipped with USB, bluetooth or infrared absence. The phone itself does not support the internet services and do not have the storage media in addition to the internal memory capacity of only 384 kb.

With the features it has, it can be said that dibanderolkan prices on Nokia 106 is quite affordable. This phone is priced at USD 23.

Nokia 106 User Manual Guide Pdf

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