Nokia 130 – 130 Dual Sim 2017 User Manual PDF

Nokia 130 – 130 Dual Sim 2017 User Manual PDF

Nokia 130 2017

download manual PDF Nokia 130 2017 and 130 2017 Dual Sim

Nokia 130 2017 User Manual Download
Nokia 130 Dual 2017 User Manual Download


Nokia 130 comes with the screen sized 1.8 inch color. Space saving of 32 GB you can expand thanks to the microSD card slot provides. In it has been loaded with the game Snake Kenzia with 5 times the trial as well as a paid game artificial Gameloft. Nokia 130 completes the battery capacity of 1020mAh which is able to play videos continuously up to 11.5 hours and listened to FM radio broadcast period 44.5 hours. It will also feature a mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth connectivity has been supporting the device Bluetooth headset. The back of the phone has been armed also a camera.


Nokia 130 has the dimensions 111.5 x 48.4 x 14.2 mm with a choice of red, gray and black. Single SIM version of this device will sell for $21.5.


Responding to the launch of two mobile phones features, CEO Global HMD, Arto Nummela revealed, “with more than four billion people (worldwide) that still do not have access to the internet and do not have the opportunity to use social networking as well as economic development opportunities through cyberspace, connecting people through the medium of voice and sms are certainly is an important step for many people around the world.

More than 400 million mobile phones sold in the world features throughout the year 2016. We cannot underestimate the need will be granted and the benefits to be gained from the presence of this connectedness and we will continue to strive to provide a device that will allow people from all over the world to always be able to expand their horizons.