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Nokia 8.1 User Manual Download

Nokia 8.1 manual – HMD Global still dwelling on Nokia smartphones menyasar secondary market. This was confirmed the existence of the plan they unveiled its newest mobile phones in the near future, namely Nokia 8.1.

The latest evidence that supports the existence of Nokia 8.1 came Google. Official list of devices supported by the ARCore search giant has just updated again. As a result, Nokia 8.1 with earlier unconfirmed name is on the list.

No new information is revealed about this mysterious bit of a handset. The handset could be following in the footsteps of Nokia 8 years ago and 8 Sirocco, was released earlier this year also.

Oddly, the benchmark pre-launch shows not long ago Nokia 8.1 would pack the processor Snapdragon 710 and 4 GB of RAM. That means the X7 was recently evident in China may actually be vying for expansion under 8.1, not 7.1 Plus. Although the X6 Nokia be 6.1 5.1 Plus Plus and also known as the X5.