Oppo F5 Youth User Manual PDF

Oppo F5 Youth User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Oppo F5 Youth

Oppo F5 Youth User Manual Download

Oppo F5 Youth manual – Just like the original variant, Oppo F5 Youth also rely on camera selfie equipped artificial intelligence dubbed “AI Beauty Recognition Technology”. This feature is claimed to improve the results of selfie, but still look real and natural.

It is possible the detection of more than 200 points on the face which was able to identify the type of face, skin, sex, and age. Next will be with a global database to personalize the results of selfie.


In terms of specs any time there are some differences between Oppo F5 and Oppo F5 Youth, both in terms of cameras, the capacity of the RAM, and memory. Oppo is known to rely on F5 selfie camera and camera back each 20 megapixel and 16 megapixels.

On the Oppo F5 Youth Selfie camera to 16 megapixels, while the rear camera for landscape is considered quite clicked with 13 megapixel-quality sensors. Bukaannya each sequentially F/F/2.0 and 2.2.

“Oppo Camera F5 Youth also supports HDR and optimization of bokeh effect,” so the press is indicated in the description.

The capacity of RAM memory and Oppo F5 Youth a little more pheasant, is 3 GB/32 GB. If memory is considered less pretty, can take advantage of the available microSD slot up to 256 GB.

Oppo F5 Youth equipped with Facial features to Unlock to open device with quick response time 0.4 seconds. In addition to the security device, the OPPO also pinned the fingerprint sensor on the back.


OPPO F5 youth using the system interface ColorOS 3.2 a more energy-efficient and combined with Octa-Core CPU Helio P23 with fabrication of 16nm. This specification is called the yield performance increases of 20 percent and 10 percent of the power eficien.

Lines for the generation of this millennial doctrines at once introduced a feature shared between devices Oppo entitled “O-Share”. Rumor transfer speeds up to 100 times more powerful than sharing with bluethooth 4.2.


For example, 10 images with magnitudes respectively file 3 MB can be transferred between phones Oppo within 1 second. The Do Not Disturb feature on game mode also makes it easy for users to receive phone calls without harming the game.

PIN battery mAh and 3,200 supported optimization ColorOS 3.2, Oppo F5 Youth claimed to be able to survive for 12 hours continuous with normal everyday usage. This variant was to be purchased on the official storefront Oppo-outlets in the colors Black and Gold