Oppo R11 – R11 Plus User Manual PDF

Oppo R11 – R11 Plus User Manual PDF

Oppo R11

download manual PDF Oppo R11 – R11 Plus

Oppo R11 – R11 Plus User Manual Pdf Download


It turns out that in addition to the F3 Plus, rumored OPPO will launch other latest smartphone has dual-camera with the name R11. If F3 Plus using dual-camera on the front, R11 will utilize a dual-camera on the back. There will be two variants are prepared, Oppo R11 by 5.5 inch screen and Oppo R11 Plus with a screen 6 inch. The design itself is almost similar to the OPPO R9s overlaid with metal body.


It looks like both of these smartphones will use the new camera technology named OPPO 5X optical zoom system with a periscope. With this technology allow the camera can produce images further up to five times the magnification without the break. Meanwhile, the kitchen was going to be entrusted to Qualcomm Snapdragon 660.

Release Date

Many have speculated that the timing of the launch will be held on June 2017. Unfortunately to date, OPPO has yet to launch a smartphone that is arguably the real “flagship” since a few years ago Find 7 made. OPPO more focus on his camera and using only the middle-class processors, although the hardware specification that supports it is quite high.