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Oppo R13 User Manual PDF

download manual PDF Oppo R13

Oppo R13 User Manual Download

A few months ago, an interesting patent filed the Oppo, a smartphone with “fringe” at the top of the screen similar to iPhone.

Later, the embodiment of the product of the patent is alleged to have asked questions in the form of new smartphone named Oppo R13. The leaked pictures circulating on the internet.

From a series of photos it appears that Oppo R13 is indeed similar to the iPhone X. Not just from the front side that barely any frame, but also the back with camera detectors arranged vertically.

Signal indicator and hour presumably participated and placed in the corner of the right and left of the screen, but the “bangs” not overly apparent due to blend with the wallpaper that is black.

In fact, as from Android Headlines, Monday (27/11/2017), the device in question also do not have the home button or the fingerprint scanner

Oppo R13 in the leaked photo may rely on input-based finger movements and gestures of the securities in the form of a face scanner features, again similar to the iPhone.

The body of the Oppo R13 called made from metallic materials and would be available in a choice of black, gray, and white.

However, it should be added that the leakage is not necessarily true because the Oppo themselves still do not provide official information on the presence of R13.

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